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Chairman’s Message


Mohamed Ould Mohamed El Hacen

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing the emergence of a world in which historical opportunities are open to our peoples and give them good reason to hope for and aspire to a happier future.

The prosperity and development of our African and Maghreb countries is more than ever within our grasp thanks to technological progress, the spread of science and the rapid growth of means of communication that have reduced space, accelerated time and widened horizons and markets. These are inestimable opportunities for us and a particularly suitable springboard for hunting (in our countryside, in our villages and in our towns) these devastating scourges whose names are corruption, terrorism, ignorance, disease, poverty and hunger. In a word, underdevelopment!

In Asia, Latin America, Europe and the rest of the world, peoples and elites have stood up to emerge and to give themselves a better chance of existing and ensuring the enjoyment of dignity and fruits of growth. In doing so, they have succeeded in destroying the wall of fatality.

The constraints and difficulties that stand in our way will be overcome only if we understand that the obstacles to our deliverance lie first of all within ourselves. It is us who have allowed our societies and our states to succumb to corruption, dictatorship, terrorism and this debilitating fatalism that prevents us from seeing anything in front of us other than an obscure darkness.

In addition, current populists divide us and make us waste our time, being excellent in the art of demagogy and in the commerce of division and hatred. They set up the walls of sectarianism by violence in ineffable and novel forms, always presenting themselves as supreme saviors and holders of incontestable legitimacy.

Facing this intolerable context, the IIRES brings its contribution by its multidisciplinary competence, its seriousness and its good will to participate in the immense and beneficial work of mobilizing human, material and financial resources in order to enrich the debate around the problem of poverty in our continent.

In close partnership with European companiesand through missions carried out by numerous international partners, the IIRER now brings together, more than it has been gathering for more than a quarter of a century, teams of experts and researchers in a wide range of fields related to development, in particular:

  • Management consulting for public and private organizations
  • Auditing of public and private companies, in association with prestigious firms.
  • Preparing general, organizational and institutional studies.
  • Designing and implementation of information and management systems (public service, various ministries, companies and other sectors) in association, in particular, with big French, German and other companies.
  • Controlling road works.
  • Representing international companies.

The Sahelo-Maghreb region has been shaken during the last decade by coups and wars, as well as by the terrorism which foes so far to threaten the existence of all states of the region. Our Group has not escaped the negative and perverse effects of this conjuncture; yet it has remained active and has not ceased to develop its capacities. In fact, it believes that, in the face of such a situation, indifference is now a matter of absolute immorality. Therefore, it has chosen to look more closely into the future by carrying out prospective studies and by bringing innovative ideas to the debate on private and public policies and strategies in order to win the fight for peace, security and solidarity in the world.

We have already conducted many activities of Think Tank which are mainly consisted of:

  • Reflection to produce ideas for the interest of our country and the Sahelo-Saharan region to obviate the perils and drifts that threaten them.
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, etc. with the aim of promoting the exchange of ideas between political personalities and opinion leaders.
  • Animation of missions in the written and audiovisual press for promoting civic education.
  • Publication of books and studies in various fields related to objectives of development.
  • Development of roadmaps to facilitate the exit of crises and the peaceful resolution of conflicts (Mauritania, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Mali …).

We are actively working to establish effective, efficient and sustained cooperation with our counterparts around the world to promote exchanges, peace, progress and stability in the world.

Finally, our group can be visited on the site: www.2ires.org to get an idea of ​​our activity over more than two decades.

While we hope to see you join us, we wish you all success in your respective companies and a better future for our African continent.