THINK TANK References

  • Invention of the terms and concept of inclusive democracy and inclusive dialogue and its introduction for the first time in the jargon of good governance and politics.
  • Theoretical but decisive contribution to the design of a road map of the « Dakar Inclusive Dialogue » between the three Mauritanian protagonists, which allowed in 2009 the exit from the political and constitutional crisis.
  • Contribution through reflection and positive proposals in the Maghrebian framework and which have avoided dramatic consequences that could have led to protests by uncontrolled youths, March 2011
  • Contribution through a road map whose terms have been applied successfully in the crises of:
  • Kiddal, Mali;
  • Burkina Faso, attempted unconstitutional change by military rebellion;
  • The Gambia during the crisis caused by the refusal of the outgoing President to respect the elections’ results;
  • Also during the last 12 years
    • 30 ideas or projects were created and implemented following our ideas and recommendations of which we have the anteriority and the first of their publication. A book summarizes them
    • More than 40 prognostications and forecasts in our publications have been checked
    • Adopt democracy by adapting it to our realities
    • The terms of the « Political Transition », announced by the Military Committee for Justice and Democracy (CMJD), correspond in part to our proposals in last April, but the main thing remains to be done.
    • For a democratic transition that prevents us from returning to square one
    • State Party or good democratic governance?
    • Inclusive Democracy for Countries with Insufficient Resources (I.D. for C.W.I.R.).
    • Call for dialogue between the Government and the Opposition
    • The country expected an inclusive National Dialogue and not a hybrid Dialogue with some.
    • Reasoned proposals for reform in the framework of monitoring and control for good governance of Mauritanian public enterprises and development projects
    • Sixty-four proposals for better governance: our contribution to answer the question « What governance for Mauritania after 50 years of independence »?
    • Two proposals for better economic and financial governance:
    • Appeal from a Professor to his students at the University of Nouakchott:
    • Reforming the university to develop the country!
    • Interview
    • The Dakar agreement was both a success and a failure.
    • « Regionalism » to kill « tribalism »


Series of articles on the liquidity crisis

  • I – Where does money come from?
  • II – Forms of money according to sources of creation
  • III – How money is destroyed
  • IV – Money supply and economic growth
  • V – The commercial and financial operations of a country with the rest of the world, unless balanced spontaneously and by chance, affect the quantity of money in its economy’s circuits.
  • VI – The State budget and the money supply
  • VII – From the monetary point of view, « financiers and banks » may be NON-BANKS
  • VIII – Documentary credit facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers in different countries
  • IX – Documentary remittance, instrument of collection and supplier credit at the international level
  • X – The bank offers exchange service
  • XI – The bank can help to avoid the exchange risk


Lectures and television interviews

  • Democracy
  • Currency
  • Growth index
  • The Mauritanian-Moroccan Relations
  • The Mauritanian GDP
  • The competitiveness factor
  • The new tax regime

Lectures and broadcasting Interviews

  • Cross- eyes: Political Immobility
  • Cross- eyes: the torrential rains in Nouakchott and the dialogue between the Government and a part of the opposition
  • Cross- eyes: proposals for theoretical and practical solutions to the systemic crisis
  • Cross- eyes: dialogue and recovery of bank claims
  • Cross- eyes: Democracy and Dictatorship



  • Nouakchott Airport