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Who we are?

IIRES is a firm of expertise, research and debate that, apart from any public or private financial group, works independently financially and institutionally. Its founder who chairs it is not affiliated with a political or ideological current, which guarantees the neutrality and objectivity of IIRES interventions and enables it to formulate reliable and operational analyzes and recommendations.

IIRES is the result of certain historical and professional developments marked by the extension of its consulting activities to those of Audit, then the Supervision of works and finally the Strategic Council.

IIRES is a gray box open to all skills in the aforementioned trades.

From this experience, IIRES, its President and the teams it drives derive the ability to put in place the methods and techniques best suited to the expectations of its customers, its partners and the markets.

To this end, IIRES has a pool of permanent and non-permanent experts, consultants and researchers who are available at the request of the President at any time and with whom he has worked for years and on whom he has always relied and collaborated with confidence and loyalty, including when working for   important European companies.

Our team of consultants does focus on flexibility to provide tailor-made solutions for the problems posed by suggesting solutions adapted to the specific situations of their clients.

The audit carried out by our audit teams and the systems they set up aim to satisfy all the stakeholders: investors, shareholders, and lenders.

To inform political and economic decision-makers, academic circles and opinion leaders, our researchers, with an enlightened and open mind, put national, regional and international events in perspective by drawing on an understanding of the current situation They decipher the ground-swell which predicts changes to come.